What sets us apart from other market research fairs is the use of cleverly crafted “disguised games” that elicits unbiased and natural consumer responses towards the products or services being analysed. We also provide “Beta Testing” for new products and “Live Product Testing” for existing products in the market. This is done through various kinds of on ground tests which helps the companies to decipher the consumer perception of their target market.



logo4BrandScan offers customer insights like no one else. The intricate buying behaviour of the consumer is simplified methodically.

logo2The extravaganza is loaded with rock bands, dance performances and fashion shows, keeping in mind the demographical needs for the research projects.

logo3The participants under the illusion of being a part in the simulation subconsciously reveal their true preferences and behaviour.


logo4Product Management: Features of the products are tested to understand the issues faced by the customers and the user acceptance.

logo2Usability: Insights are provided about the usage pattern of the target segment. We can also identify the most significant problems with regard to the usage of the product.

logo3Reviews: Mock reviews will be used to gain better insights into how the product will fare in the market. Testimonials can be used here to generate new customers for the product.

Beta Testing


Pre Brandscan

Before the event, a dedicated project team is assigned for every research project, which in tandem with the client set research objectives and perform requirement gathering. Focused Group Discussions, Interviews with stakeholders, design of research and identification of variables happen at this stage

During Brandscan

During BrandScan, the demographic compatibility for the research is ensured by the pre-planned events that focus on the various target segments.

Post Brandscan

A rigorous data validation and analysis using quantitative and qualitative approaches takes place post brandscan. To ensure highest standards of quality for the research, the report is verified by leading data analytics and market research firms that are our aides.






Data collection and the findings from the analysis


Data collection, analysis and reasoning the findings


Predict and extrapolate the results


We understand that the right set of responses come out from the correct target segment. Therefore, in order to get the most accurate set of responses we filter out the respondents based on basic demography questions as per the projects requirement. This helps us to deliver quality insights to our clients which are very much relevant with Go-To-Market approach. We conduct the Market Research in the following two formats:


The Bangalore edition was started in 2012 and since then it has only grown. It is conducted in Phoenix Market City Mall in Whitefield over a weekend targeting majorly the urban population which is perfect for the modern brands.


BrandScan in Manipal has a legacy of 24 years. The unique demographics of students in Manipal enables market research to be conducted in an efficient and cost-effective manner.