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11 Oct Nielsen | Market Research Adviser

The Nielsen Company, one of the biggest global market research firms with its presence in more than 100 countries, is the market research adviser of BrandScan for consecutively second year. The Nielsen Company, earlier known as AC Nielsen was founded in the year 1923 and since then it has become the epitome of best practices and innovation in the field of market research.

Nielsen studies consumers all over the world and gives a complete view of trends and habits followed by them. Moreover, it gives comprehensive end to end consumer insights to businesses and helps them drive a profitable growth. This is the 25th year of BrandScan and with our completion of quarter of a century in disguised market research, we are happy to have Nielsen as our MR adviser. Nielsen has associated with us in the past as well and we value their time and support extended to us.

Nielsen guides us, at BrandScan, by providing insights to the project leads on the best practices, creative models and cost-effective ways for data analysis currently being followed in the industry. This helps us become more efficient in terms of processes and co-ordination with clients. Marketing research involves handling of data and taking inferences from it. Using the experiences shared by Nielsen on how to derive all possible inferences from data analysis and then converting them into relevant recommendations we fulfill the research objectives we promise to our clients. Nielsen not only works as our advisers but also as mentor when our project leads have queries and need their expertise. Nielsen provides us with an overall template on how to structure an industry standard marketing research report.

This association between Nielsen and BrandScan is highly valued and together we hope to bring innovation and perfection in the field of market research.

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