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About Beta Testing

In today’s world we all know the power a customer has, and ‘Customer is the King!’ has never been truer. So, all the Brands are here to give an experience of satisfaction to the customers. In such a tough competitive world, it is nearly impossible for everyone to succeed. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, about 80% of the products launched in the market, fail! So those 20%, who succeed, must have some edge over others. One of the techniques which help in gaining that edge is Beta Testing. This is over and above the Alpha Testing phase (internal tesing). The term Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabetical series and Beta Testing means testing of product with an external set of customers to understand the level of customer acceptance towards the product. Yes, the key to success of a product is Customer Acceptance and what better way than testing it on field.

Let us take you through the obvious benefits of Beta Testing which are generally overlooked:

  1. Customer acceptance: The most obvious reason for opting for Beta Testing is that it will help the company to gauge the interest of the market, with regard to the product features. Beta Testing is the last platform before which a company can alter the product without losing much, because if once the product is launched then all other strategies have to be changed.


  1. Create a sense of exclusivity: With Beta Testing, the company can distribute the product to a set limited number of people, known as Beta Testers. The Beta Testers are the only people who will actually get to use the product before it is launched and thus they feel a sense of exclusivity.


  1. Gain an engaged and excited audience: All the marketing campaigns are targeted towards creating awareness and hype about the product. Well, Beta Testing can be used to do that as well. Once the products are tested by the Beta Testers, the company can have their responses recorded and shared on media to gather the interests of the market.


  1. Generate buzz on social media: Taking the Beta Testing experience to a level ahead, the company can leverage the Beta Testers’ exclusivity to create a buzz on Social Media. This wouldn’t be a pan India activity, however, the Beta Testers can be the influencers for their peers (friends and family). The Beta Testers can share share a picture with the product, tagging the company / brand and also using a hashtag as communicated with the product instructions. This activity can be undertaken only if the product quality is tested before, as this can backfire as well.


  1. Gathering unadulterated responses / opinions & experiences: In order to launch a successful product, one needs to know all the problems which a customer might face while using it. What better way to hear it from the horse’s mouth? The Beta Testers are the potential customers and hence they become the Voice of Customers and this is what the corporate houses are looking for.


  1. Understand the psyche of consumers: To sell anything, the company needs to understand what the customer thinks. Just to dissect this further, to know what they think, one needs to understand how they think. Thus, reviews received from the Beta Testers, can be put under various tests and analysis to understand their psyche towards the product. We can further have an in-depth interview with a few who have specific insights about the product.


  1. Refine the Marketing Ps: This is final step to complete the process of Beta Testing. Once all the reviews are gathered, the company can refine their marketing Ps, not just the 4Ps but the Packaging as well, which unofficially forms the 5th P.
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