Annual Market Research Event

04 Oct Annual Market Research Event


BrandScan is an annual market research event conducted by TAPMI, Manipal where live projects from the companies are researched by collecting data which is further analyzed using qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques.

It is the flagship event of TAPMI (AACSB accredited), currently in its 24th edition for the year 2016. Constantly widening its reach and research dimensions, BrandScan exist in three formats – rural, semi-urban and metro. These formats cover complete demographic setting necessary for the research. BrandScan gauges a wide array of research topics. To validate the highest standards of quality for the research, it is partnered with leading data analytics and market research firms.

BrandScan has done more than 290 projects for about 150 clients. The coveted list of clients includes HUL, Apple, Citibank, Airtel, Reebok, Samsung, IBM, ICICI, Amul, FlipKart, Fastrack and Perfetti among others.

With a staggering rise in the footfall from the last year and the quality of the event multiplying manifold, BrandScan is moving from strength to strength. BrandScan has a unique way of eliciting unbiased and natural responses through the use of cleverly crafted ‘disguised games’. 

Disguised Games:

A ‘disguised game’ seeks information by actively involving a participant in an engaging activity. The participants under the illusion of being a part in the simulation subconsciously reveal their true preferences and behavior. The responses are analyzed and conclusions are deduced using several qualitative techniques.

BrandScan offers customer insights like no one else. The intricate buying behaviour of the consumer is simplified methodically. The legacy of more than two decades is a testimonial of its impeccable quality. To make it more effective, the extravaganza is loaded with rock bands, dance performances and fashion shows. All events, held at strategic locations of the formats, keep in mind the demographical needs for the research projects. To sum it all, it validates the fact that BrandScan is an extremely lucrative alternative to the traditional market research.

With the guidance of eminent faculties and industry experts, BrandScan is a professional organization under the gambit of student activities at TAPMI. It is instrumental in providing perfect blend of opportunities for the students to practice and understand the application of multitude facets of management. The outcomes of this elaborate exercise are

  • Effective inclusive Student development
  • Enriched Industry interface, and most importantly
  • Quality Market Research Reports

BrandScan thus serves as a platform for both learning and entertainment. BrandScan practices TAPMI’s mission statement in all its endeavors.

To excel in post-graduate management education, research and practice

BrandScan carries its legacy of being the first and the most effective disguised market research in India since its year of inception in 1993. It continues to go stronger and aspires to be bigger, craftier and more incisive in 2016.

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