An Insight from Nielsen

15 Nov An Insight from Nielsen


An insightful lecture on ‘Market Research’ was delivered by Mr. Seshagiri Gudipudi, Director, Consumerization, Nielsen. Mr. Seshagiri addressed the Marketing major students of TAPMI, involved in the various Market Research projects for BrandScan 2016.

Mr. Seshagiri stressed on the differences between perception and reality. These are two crucial aspects in analysing data obtained.  Researchers should not get their own biased opinion while collecting and analysing data. This will also have an adverse impact on the company if they use the wrong report or analysis.

Paying attention to the details in the question is of utmost importance. One should not use any analytical tools just for the sake of it, if they are not relevant. It is imperative to incorporate what the client wants in your research objective and frame the research questions accordingly.

There is a need to use non-inclusive data, for instance- via a CCTV footage in a shop and looking at crowd patterns. In order to sell, develop or research about the product, the researcher should know the consumption process inside out. This will help in collecting useful responses.

Mr. Seshagiri also enlightened the audience in measuring the ad effectiveness using the 3 important ‘R’s – Reach, Resonance and Reaction. It is necessary to co-Relate Ad Memorability with Brand Communication, and use the data to give recommendations. The report must be presented as a narrative, which must appeal to the clients. Researchers must be able to influence and not just inform the client. One must gain the trust of the client, as they rely and believe that the research processes, as per industry standards, are complied with.


Some crucial points on the report writing format were shared by Mr. Seshagiri, which include a few DOs and DON’Ts as below:

  • DOs
    • Specifically address the business issue
    • Link results found with decisions marketers have to make
    • Conciseness and Clarity
    • Make Clear & Actionable Recommendations
    • Dissect every data with “So What?”, it will give a deeper understanding and will help in relating the data with decisions
  • DON’Ts
    • Focus on techniques rather than marketing issues
    • Contain more details than client needs and wants
    • Focus on data not insights
    • Describe rather than interpret findings
    • Using visuals that are cluttered and hard to read

Nielsen Framework 

Nielsen has a unique U-Way framework, which differentiates itself from the traditional straight line approach. Mr Seshagiri showed us a few examples- like a case study on TV Brand effectiveness, to portray the benefits of the U Way framework.

Mr Seshagiri helped students streamline the process while tackling problems encountered while market research is being conducted. With support from Nielson as the knowledge advisor for BrandScan 2016, the students are well-equipped to make this year’s market research fair a grand success.

Guest lecture by

Mr. Seshagiri Gudipudi,

Director, Consumerization, Nielsen


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